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A tip card that teaches safety tips while at a red light for motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists.

Safety Publication Spanish Quantity limit (50)

This tip card gives safety tips while walking as well as health benefits of walking.

This tip card written in Spanish gives safety tips for walking as well as health benefits of walking.

A tip card with Key Pedestrian Safety Tips.

Interactive CD Quantity limit (1)

Activity/coloring book that teaches bicycle safety rules Quantity Limit (40)

This coloring book covers both safe walking and safe biking tips.

Safety Activity Book Quantity limit (50)

Florida school crossing guard training program on DVD Quantity Limit (1)

I'm Safe! On Wheels engages children through fun activities, music and animation to learn how to be safe on bicycles, skateboards, and scooters while learning about helmets and how they need to fit, checking a bicycle, rules of the road, and the proper clothing. Length 10 minutes. Quantity limit (1)

Interactive DVD Quantity limit (1)

This DVD is 10 minutes long and teaches safe walking practices. It is a fun interactive DVD.

A short video by teens on why its so important to wear your helmet. Quantity limit (1)

This is a childrens video teaching how to wear a helmet properly. Quantity limit (1)

Walk to School- Safe is Cool is an energetic DVD that contains a series of pedestrian safety messages geared toward elementary school children. Quantity (10)

Heart shaped Hand Fan featuring the ALERT TODAY ALIVE TOMORROW logo along with safe walking and biking tips.

Please see special instructions for armbands on the Resources tab. Quantity (25)

NEW!!! This sticker promotes safe biking. It is in Spanish and English and is square.

NEW!!! This sticker promotes safe walking. It is in Spanish and English and is square.

Stretchy retro-reflective Velcro wristband. Quantity limit (25)

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