Safety Materials Program

The safety materials program is funded by a grant from the Florida Department of Transportation.

To qualify to receive items follow these easy steps:

  1. If you have never done so, register with the site and complete the Community Partner Agreement Form.
  2. Place your order. Note that the public materials awareness plan (PAMP) is now integrated in the check out process. Only order materials for the event outlined in your order and make sure you follow the reporting requirements outlined below. You can download all tracking mechanisms here.
    • Bicycle lights can only be distributed by law enforcement officers in focus counties. Officers are required to affix the light to the bicycle. Use this form for each set of bicycle lights distributed.
    • Bicycle Helmets can only be distributed by trained helmet fitters. A signature must be collected for each recipient. Each recipient should be taught how to properly fit their helmet as it is being distributed.
    • Non-reflective/lighted tangible items require a safety pledge, safety survey, or a participant sign in/registration sheet. These forms are available here.
      • Only give multiple tangible items to a single person if the item types are unique and serve different functions.
      • For tangible items given at an event, return a safety pledge or survey.
      • At a presentation or training, return a registration or sign in sheet listing each participant that attended. If children are the recipients of the items, return a registration sheet with each child recipient's first name and a signature from the instructor certifying this as true and correct. If adults are the recipients of the items, return a registration sheet with each adults first and last name listed and a signature from the helmet fitter certifying this as true and correct.
    • Armbands (reflective or lighted) can only be distributed in focus counties. Use this form for each lighted or reflective armband distributed. All items distributed must be done in conjunction with a safety interaction, education, or information sharing about the importance of being visible when walking and/or biking during dark, dusk or dawn hours.
    • Print materials only require you to state the approximate number of each specific item distributed when you complete the report on your profile page.
    • Safety Kits (a combination of on tangible item with multiple print materials) follow the distribution requirements for tangible items and you would record what items were distributed together.
  3. After you distribute your items, provide your reporting information on your profile page. Select the appropriate event and upload all associated documentation.

These items are available statewide while supplies last.
For more details on the order/reporting process click here to download the instruction guide.

By clicking continue below, you indicate that you agree to meet the above requirements and follow all the rules set forth by the Pedestrian and Bicycling Safety Resource Center.


Please contact us at for assistance.