Florida Pedestrian/Bicycling Safety Resource Center Forms

Thank you for requesting materials from the Florida Pedestrian/Bicycling Safety Resource Center (SRC).

Pre-Event Forms

Community Partner Agreement Form

The Community Partner Agreement Form along with a helmet training certificate are required to order helmets. If it has been more than a year since you received your certificate, You will need to complete the refresher video here.

During Event Forms

Resource Reporting Forms


Helmets may use the pledges, surveys, or sign-in sheets used with non-reflective/lighted tangible items.

Bicycle Lights

If you are a law enforcement officer in a focus county, you may order bicycle lights. You must use this form when distributing the lights.

Non-reflective/lighted tangible items

For tangible items given at an event, return a safety pledge or survey.      

                 Alert Today Pledge    Alert Tonight Pledge

                 Alert Today Survey   Alert Tonight Survey

For tangible items given at a presentation or training, return a sign-in sheet listing each participant that attended.

Armbands (reflective or lighted)

For the distribution of any type of armband, return this form.

Safety Kits

For the distribution of safety kits, follow the guidelines for non-reflective/lighted tangible items above.

Print Items

Report on the number of pieces of each item distributed using the reporting feature in your profile.

Post Event Forms

Helmet Training Attendance Sheet

Regional trainers, after a class, upload your attendance list using this link, so we can provide certificates.

PedBike SRC Evaluation Form

Please help us improve our services by completing our online evaluation.