Bike Helmet Program

The helmet program is funded by a grant from the Florida Department of Transportation.

To qualify to receive helmets follow these easy steps:

1. Sign the Community Partner Agreement Form, if you have never done so.

    a. Do not register with group name or any title. A Community Partner is an individual.

    b. If we issued your certificate we have it on file. There is no need to send it in.

2. Complete the Helmet Fitter Training. Click here for a list of trainers. If it has been over a year since you received your helmet fitting certification, you must watch the helmet fitter refresher video here. Upon verification of the above requirements, you will be granted access to the helmet store. Please note that this could take up to two weeks.

3. Place your order for helmets. 

4. When helmets are distributed you must collect a signature from each recipient. Please visit the Forms Page to download the appropriate from.

5. After the event identified in your order, provide your reporting information on your profile page. Select the appropriate event and upload all associated documentation.

For more details on the order/reporting process click here to download the instruction guide.
Or for a video presentation of the reporting process click here.

The helmets are available statewide while supplies last.

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Please contact us at for assistance.