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People walking, biking, and taking transit are worth counting.
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Tell USDOT that People are What Should Count in Transportation

USDOT's proposed performance measures focus exclusively on speed

The National Partnership has submitted our official comments on the US Department of Transportation's proposed performance measures. Now, we need your help to make sure USDOT hears from many people across the country so they will pay attention and completely revamp these proposed measures.

Please take just a few minutes to submit a comment for the record telling USDOT that people are what should count in transportation!

Why do performance safety measures matter?

What the US Department of Transportation chooses to measure has an impact on which transportation projects get built in your state and community—and on your ability to feel safe while walking and bicycling to school and in your neighborhood.

Unfortunately, in the newest batch of proposed performance measures, the USDOT is saying that what matters is moving as many cars as quickly as possible—and that people walking, bicycling, and taking transit aren’t even worth counting.

Read our blog post for more background about the proposed performance measures and why they would be damaging to people who walk, bike, and take transit.

We believe in accountability for our transportation dollars—but forcing states and cities to measure only one aspect of our transportation system will be devastating to efforts to create safe, healthy, and vital cities and towns. We just prevailed in our efforts to make sure that the safety performance measure included the safety of people biking and walking. Now, we must prevail again to make sure more than cars count!

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