UF Pedestrian Safety Outreach:

The SRC stages outreach on University Ave.


The Safety Resource Center is located in Gainesville at the University of Florida. Recently several UF students were injured and two killed in two separate incidents at the same intersection. All were victims of the careless actions of others. A cry rose from the student body, the community, and anyone that heard the sad news.  Something must be done!  The FDOT heard the cry and things are happening.  Engineers will find engineering solutions. Law enforcement will find a law enforcement solution.  The SRC is working on an education and outreach solution.  Once a week for the next 6 weeks we will be present on campus distributing literature and reflective armbands to help pedestrians walk safely on and around campus.  Street level interaction and visibility helps raise awareness and reinforce good behavior on the part of drivers and pedestrians. No one solution will solve the issues that lead to pedestrian deaths.  A multi-faceted approach that involves many groups with differing approaches to the problem will lead to better solutions.  

Below, SRC Staff Terrell Barnhart is seen speaking to a student about pedestrian safety.